About Geekz

Since 2002, Geekz, Inc. has been providing small business technical support in the greater Chicago area. Each of our geeks brings up to 20 or more years of experience in their fields. No one in this industry can claim to have seen it all, but we've seen a lot. We know each situation is unique, so we don't carry a book of check lists and procedures to be followed to the letter. We apply our mental database, acquired troubleshooting skills, and plain common sense to solve your problems in the most economical way while striving to minimize disruption. Read more about our staff...

Whether your business has 30 PCs or just one, Geekz can provide on-site support to get you back up and running quickly. If you'd like on-going monitoring to keep things running smoothly, consider one of our maintenance plans, or talk to us about customizing a package to meet your needs. We can also give you cost-effective advice on choosing an ISP, hardware and software upgrades, backup solutions, system networks, and more. If you are considering upgrading or expanding now or in the future, we will help you make the right choices for your needs and budget. We are not a hardware reseller because we want you to have options without inflated prices. But we will do the research for you to get you the best fit, high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers at the best price. Learn more about our services for small businesses...

For residential clients, we can set up a new PC and transfer data from the old one, connect new peripherals, install a wireless network, or clean up a PC infected with viruses or spyware. Are you finally ready to get rid of dial-up but aren't sure of your options? We can help. Once selected, most ISPs will send you a kit to do it yourself, but if you aren't comfortable with that, we can get you set up.

Running a home business? Your needs probably fall in between the typical residential and small business services, and many other providers don't recognize this niche. Maybe you have multiple computers, printers, a fax machine, and a scanner to be shared. You have important business data that needs to be backed up and secure. You probably need e-mail, and maybe you are considering a web site. We can help find simple technology solutions to help your business without breaking your budget.

Don't confuse us with those big chains popping up with similar names. We don't have a squad of recently trained cadets with pocket protectors to deploy, and that's a good thing. In fact, a lot of our clients don't even remember the name of our business, but they remember the name of their geek. Our clients aren't accounts with a number. They are people. We get to know all of our clients, their environments, and their needs. We become like one of your employees without the overhead. Once you are part of the Geekz family, whether you are a home or business user, you can call us any time with a problem or question. We can sometimes solve your problem over the phone or via our remote service without needing a visit. If not, we'll come to you. And for quick fixes we solve without a visit, we won't charge you for it. You can't get anything for free from those large chains.

We are a small business dedicated to helping you run your small business. Let us be your geekz.