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Welcome to Geekz

Welcome to our site! We completely revamped our site with a new format that is easy to navigate, provides useful, up-to-date information you can use, and maybe even gives you a laugh or two.

There's a lot more to do before this site is completely up and running, but for our returning visitors, the most important features are still available - getting to our remote support page and submitting a request online. Most of the links to the left are not hooked up yet, but we are actively working on them!

In addition to the new site, we are also rolling out two other big changes - a new logo (slightly different than before), and a new domain name - GEEKZ.COM.

We hope you enjoy our new site. Let us know what you think!

Pricing Changes for 2008

Don't worry, we have not increased our hourly rates. However, after much consideration, we have added a trip charge of $10 per on-site visit to cover the increased cost of fuel. This increase went into effect January 1, 2008. Read more...


Free Microsoft Online Training

Did you know that Microsoft has all sorts of free training resources available to you on their web site? Check out their Office Training Home Page. For example, for those of you using Outlook 2003 without an Exchange Server to store your data, there is a course explaining where your saved messages live and how to move, copy and backup that data. For those of you at an office using Exchange with Outlook 2003, there is a course explaining how to set up a delegate who can send mail and schedule appointments on your behalf. These are just a few of the hundreds of mini how-to training sessions available. Some of them even have quick reference cards you can print. (Word of warning though - many have audio start immediately for the first part of the training, so turn down the volume if you don't want to disturb others.) As we find more that relate to the questions we are most often asked, we'll let you know.

Disaster recovery - why you need to read this!

Do you have backups? Have you ever tested them? What if your computer died right now? How much data would you lose? How much time and money would you lose? If you haven't ever thought about any of this, you need to start now. Because hardware will fail. How well you react and recover from it is up to you. Read more...

How strong is your password?

... assuming you even have one! If you are in a business setting or you have a laptop that ever leaves your house, you need a password. A strong password is one that is hard to crack, i.e., for someone to guess (whether manually or through password hacker programs). Microsoft has a great article discussing why you need strong passwords and ways to come up with them that are also easy to remember. They also have a password checker tool where you can type in your password and it will provide feedback as you type on how strong your password is. Give it a try!

It's not too late to make resolutions

It is never too late to commit to reviewing your current security and backup plans. We published this article in the Wood Dale Chamber of Commerce newsletter last January, but it still is and will always be relevant. See the complete list...

Hot Topics Hot Topics

Do you (or your kids) have music or file sharing software installed on your PC?

If the software (e.g., LimeWire or Kazaa) isn't set up correctly, your personal files and sensitive information might be available for EVERYONE to see.

Are you fed up with customer service?

You aren't alone. See what some consumers are doing about it.


Woman files $54M lawsuit against Best Buy for lost laptop

This is just one of the many horror stories you hear about with those other geeks. Was her laptop resold with her personal information still on it?

Digital photo frames not immune to infection

Best Buy sold frames infected with a trojan virus.

Chasin' Chickens

Chasin' Chickens

These are real time-wasters, uh, pleasant diversions...


During your lunch (or not), there are jigsaw puzzles, doodle boards, and the letter board to keep you busy, whether you participate or just watch what others come up with.

Internet Movie Database

Who was that kid in that movie with the guy from Jaws? IMDB has the answer!

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Fascinating pictures brought to you by NASA

Addicting Games

Name says it all. Hundreds of games and so few work hours in the day.... sigh. Too many to pick from? How 'bout Damn Birds or the mesmerizing bubbles and music in Filler?


It's not so much the products being offered... check out the deal of the day product descriptions

404 Page Not Found contest

Creative ways to tell you the page just doesn't exist

Simpsonize Me!

Will you look like Homer? Doh!


If you are unhappy in the real world, just get a second life and do over! (Does the virtual bank charge overdraft fees if you spend too many Linden dollars?)

Wikipedia Random article

Ya never know what you might learn!


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